Explosion Protection


Industrial explosions can occur when combustible materials such as wood, coal, fungicides, grain, plastics, sugar and pharmaceuticals are processed and conveyed as small particles and encounter a source of ignition (sparks, electrostatic discharge, or hot surfaces). We partner with IEP Technologies, the world’s leading industrial explosion protection specialists, to ensure that your people, business and the surrounding community are protected from a potential catastrophic event. Together with IEP Technologies (a Fenwal, Kidde and Incom partnership), ASSI offers unparalleled explosion-protection solutions for a wide range of hazardous industrial processes.


Explosion Protection Product Lines

Explosion Protection

Explosion Protection


  • Non-explosive operation increases safety, and reduces storage, licensing and transportation concerns
  • Up to five year initiator service life reduces maintenance costs
  • DOT approved, suppressor is shipped fully pressurized, reducing installation time and where can i find clomid cost.
  • Meets stringent requirements of NFPA 69
  • Corrosion resistant valve body
  • Supervised, integral OSHA lockout/tag-out provision promotes safe entry into protected vessels
  • Supervisory low pressure switch continuously monitors suppressor nitrogen pressure
  • Innovative field-rechargeable design reduces service time, recharge costs and production downtimes
  • Designed for use in hazardous locations; Class II, Div. 1
  • Charged with food compatible KIDDIEx® – Sodium Bicarbonate dry chemical suppressant
  • ATEX & FM approved
Explosion Isolation

Explosion Isolation


  • Passive design, no triggering sensors necessary
  • Applicable to organic & inorganic dusts
  • Lowest cost explosion isolation option
  • Monitors via integrated sensors, allowing longer maintenance intervals
  • Rugged, durable design
  • Swiveling flap allows for easy inspection
  • Short mounting distances
  • ATEX certified
Explosion Venting

Explosion Venting


  • Proven design provides fast, reliable operation
  • Complete range of vent panel sizes
  • Configurations & ratings enable custom, leak-tight fitting for each process volume to be protected
  • Choice of flat, multi-layered or domed vent panels provide the right venting protection for each application
  • Easy to install and maintain panels reduce plant operating costs
  • Optional rugged, carbon steel and stainless vent panel frames are available to withstand severe industrial environments
Spark Detection

Spark Detection


  • Detects sparks or embers
  • Suppression with minimal water
  • Millisecond response time
  • Single or Multizone control
  • Cost effective
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