Fire Alarms and Voice Evacuation


Communication is crucial to affording early response and safe evacuation in the event of an emergency. We stock and install state of the art fire alarm and voice evacuation systems that can be configured to meet the needs of small office buildings and high-rises alike. Our customizable and cost-effective emergency notification systems are indispensible for protecting the lives of your people and your business.

Fire Alarms and Voice Evacuation Product Lines

Voice Evacuation

Voice Evacuation


  • Customizable 80-character alphanumeric LCD display
  • High-speed polling rate
  • High-speed 32-bit processor
  • 64-node networking made possible by 625K baud/ARCNET communications
  • Mass notification


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  • Intuitive front panel programming
  • Two style 4 (Class “B”) signaling line circuits
  • Style 6 (Class “A”) with optional CAOM module
  • Two Style Y (Class “B”) regulated notification appliance circuits
  • Style Z (Class “A”) with optional CAOM module
  • Listed Integral Sensitivity Testing
  • Dual-stage maintenance alerts
  • Multilevel sensor sensitivity adjustments
  • Cross Zoning
  • Touch Screen Display
Video Smoke Detection

Video Smoke Detection


  • Identifies both smoke and flame
  • Operates from new / existing CCTV cameras
  • Relay output to fire alarm panel
  • Environmental compensation algorithms
  • Zones easily reconfigured for hazard changes
  • Unaffected by airflows and smoke dilution
  • Utilizes existing IP network
  • Multilevel sensor sensitivity adjustments
  • Cross Zoning

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