photo of a fire protection technician performing an inspection

Clean Agent System Test and Inspection Services

All of the services ASSI performs are in accordance with the latest NFPA standards.


Clean Agent Systems: NFPA 2001, NFPA 12A

  • Inspect for adequate clearance and condition of the discharge devices to allow for proper distribution
    and activation.
  • Inspect each release control device for proper position, general condition, accessibility and appropriate
  • Inspect and conduct required tests for each special hazard system.
  • Visual inspection of the cylinder, pipe network and distribution nozzles and equipment.
  • Ensure access to hazard areas, discharge nozzles, and cylinders are unobstructed and that there are not
    obstructions to the operation of the equipment or distribution of Clean Agent.
  • Inspect cylinder pressure gauge. If pressure gauge is not normal and refill or replace if necessary.
  • Verify that there have been no changes in the size of the enclosure and that no new ventilation has been
  • Check all storage containers for proper pressure. Record the weight and pressure of the container on a
    tag and attach to the container.
  • Verify that the system continues to operate in accordance with its approved sequence of operations.
  • Check all monitored circuits for proper supervision.
  • Test backup battery.
  • Check all audible and visual alarm devices, such as bells, horns, strobes and lights. Verify suppression
    zone visuals operate properly.
  • Test all smoke detectors for proper sensitivity.
  • Test all manual release station, abort stations, key maintenance switches, and by-pass switches.
  • Visually check room integrity, such as door seals and under floor area to see that they are still sealed
  • Tag devices as required and perform all required record keeping.

Special Condition: Room integrity testing is not included unless quoted within the Service Agreement.
Refilling or recharging of suppression agents will be provided at additional cost.

ASSI performs Clean Agent Fire Protection System Test and Inspections Services throughout the New England States of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine and Vermont