Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities encompass a wide range of possible hazards requiring unique protection. Oil cookers, dust collectors, and pallet wrappers are examples of equipment that would need different types of protection. A.S.S.I. can provide a wide range of solutions, including explosion protection, water mist suppression, and specialty detection. Whatever the problem, we will work with you to provide the appropriate… Read more

Commercial Buildings

All businesses require a degree of property protection and fire safety, and A.S.S.I. has the tools and expertise to handle buildings of all sizes. We understand that commercial properties change frequently, with constant turnover in tenant space. Rest assured that we can integrate any necessary upgrade or revision, quickly and easily, as your properties shift tenants. Whether it’s… Read more


Ensuring maximum life safety and providing secure environments for hotel guests and staff are of paramount importance. At A.S.S.I., we understand the challenges that accompany these priorities. Aside from eliminating the possibilities for false alarms, you need to protect various hazard conditions and monitor additional devices such as sprinkler and hood suppression systems, fire doors, and elevators. We… Read more

Property Management

Protecting commercial office buildings, apartment buildings and condos means keeping the people who dwell within these spaces safe. Have A.S.S.I. tailor protection solutions that meet your facility’s needs and property owners’ goals to ensure the safety of the residents and the buildings.

Educational Facilities

Secure large campuses, dormitories and school buildings with customized protection systems and life safety service plans. Trust A.S.S.I.’s expertise in the stringent regulations that are enforced for the safety of your students and faculty.