A.S.S.I. services most businesses, and that includes one of the most overlooked, yet most important industries of them all, Infrastructure. Without it, there would be no roads, bridges, clean water, or electricity. Power plants, waste water treatment facilities, and subway systems are just a few of the areas where A.S.S.I. has provided protection in the past. A combination of… Read more

photo of telecom cables that require fire protection

Safeguard against the interruption of vital operations & damage to high-value equipment. Depend on A.S.S.I. to customize a system that protects electronics while maintaining human safety.

Cultural & Historical Facilities

Fire Protection for Cultural & Historic Preservation One-of-a-kind works of art and historical iconography require equally unique fire protection solutions, ensuring that no damage is done to the irreplaceable in the event of a fire. Entrust A.S.S.I. to design discreet systems, safeguarding your treasures against fire, smoke and water damage.   Marioff HI-FOG® Historic Preservation… Read more