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3 Steps to Optimal Data Center Fire Protection

photo of a data center with a fire suppression system

Mission Critical Facilities require fire protection systems that can detect and suppress fires immediately without harming people, equipment, the facility or the environment. The demands of a 24/7 global economy mean that your company cannot afford to be offline. A fire, even a minor one, could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. For mission critical applications, end-to-end reliability and risk management are essential requirements.

Step 1

Ensure Minimum Code Compliance. Sprinklers and other forms of code compliance provide a minimum level of security, however, they simply do not provide the scope of fire protection required to safeguard data centers from downtime and loss of valuable assets and information. Your data could end up drowning in the wrong kind of data lake.

Step 2

Hazard Analysis – your challenge is to protect sensitive equipment, valuable data and continuous processes that keep you and your customers in business. In order to understand the possible fire hazards, a thorough risk analysis needs to be performed. The analysis should address equipment type and sensitivity, size and footprint, room integrity, ventilation and air flow rates, energized electrical equipment, hot aisle/cold aisle and floor space.

Step 3

System Design – once the hazard analysis is complete, an integrated fire protection system can be designed (or updated) to ensure maximum protection and to address the latest NFPA 75 code requirements. The system should include a component for high sensitivity air sampling and smoke detection. Best practice includes very early air sampling smoke detection coupled with either a clean agent or (HI-FOG) water mist suppression system. Smoke detection along with clean agent or water mist provides the best chance for maximum protection and uninterrupted performance.

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