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Is Your Data Center Protected From Downtime?


Understand the Costs & How You Can Mitigate Risk

End-to-end reliability and risk management are essential requirements in today’s data center environment. The demands of a 24/7 global economy mean that your Institutions Data Center cannot afford to be offline. Given the explosive growth in data storage requirements with cloud access, IoT and big data, minimizing downtime is more critical than ever. Latest studies highlight more than a 35% increase in costs incurred during an unplanned data center outage since 2010. An unplanned event, even a short-lived one, can have significant financial impact to your organization. Are you properly protected against financial losses?

Data Centers  require fire protection systems that can detect and suppress fires immediately without harming people, equipment, the facility or the environment. In the period from 2010-2014, banking facilities and related office environments experienced almost 3,000 structural fires. To protect your business, Advanced Safety Systems utilizes a three-step assessment approach.

Step 1 – Ensure Minimum Code Compliance

Sprinklers and Fire Alarm provide a minimum level of code compliance. However, it does not deliver the scope of fire protection required to safeguard data centers from downtime and loss of valuable assets and information.

Step 2 – Evaluate the Hazard

Your challenge is to protect sensitive equipment, valuable data and continuous processes that keep you and your customers in business. A thorough risk analysis should address the sensitive equipment, room and building MEP systems, and business continuity objectives.

Step 3 – Integrated Design Approach

An integrated fire protection system can be designed (or updated) to ensure maximum business continuity. The detection and suppression arm of your fire protection system are critical to guaranteeing maximum uptime. Best practice design includes high sensitivity air sampling and smoke detection coupled with either a Clean Agent or (HI-FOG) water mist suppression system that integrates to your building environment.

Protect your Data Center with a Trusted Fire Protection Business Partner – ADVANCED SAFETY SYSTEMS INTEGRATORS.

Our expertise in Clean Agent and Water Mist Fire Suppression systems and long-standing partnership with Kidde Fire Systems and Marioff enables us to design and install top-rated systems in Mission Critical Facilities.

Schedule an Advanced Safety Systems Integrators fire protection consultation for your facility today. Please visit our website, and call one of our Fire Protection Engineers to learn more. 978-532-5730.