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Is Your Historic Landmark Protected From Fire?

When designing a fire protection system for treasured historical assets, the challenge is to select the “right” suppression system to match the risk.

Traditional sprinkler systems work. They control fire and save lives, but the damage left behind by traditional sprinklers in the aftermath of a fire is a secondary consideration. The primary concern is that the fire is out. The deep soaking and widespread water damage to your Cultural Facility and its Irreplaceable Assets could be devastating.

To provide the most effective fire protection for your cultural facility,  our highly skilled engineers recommend very early smoke detection combined with Water Mist or Clean Agent fire suppression systems.

Aspirating Smoke Detection takes regular and constant air samples of your facility. This air sampling smoke detection technology is 1,000 times more sensitive than standard spot detectors. In addition, the system provides unobtrusive and concealed protection minimizing disruption to the aesthetics of your site.

Marioff’s HI-FOG Water Mist Fire Protection System is an extremely effective fire protection technology for preserving irreplaceable world heritage. In the event of a fire, HI-FOG uses up to 90% less water than a traditional sprinkler system with an absolute minimum of collateral damage to the building and its priceless contents.

Clean agents (FM-200 and Novec-1230) have been used in over 100,000 different environments ranging from hospitals to museums. For its speed in suppressing fires, reducing damage, saving on floor space, and allowing visibility, clean agents have become one of the top choices by museums.

Let the Fire Protection experts design the “right” suppression system for your cultural facility.

Advanced Safety Systems, Inc. has distinguished itself by protecting many of New England’s most cherished cultural heritage sites. ASSI has partnered with world leading fire protection manufacturers’ to solve the unique challenges in your small and grand spaces.

We are a special hazards fire suppression and fire alarm business with unparalleled industry knowledge. For over 50 years, we have protected America’s most treasured historical assets from fire-related damages. Our strong relationships with the cultural and museum community demonstrates our understanding of the intricacies of working in these spaces.

Advanced Safety Systems’ certified experts deliver award winning service to solve the specific challenges faced in your historic sites. We ensure constant and total protection of your valuable assets for future generations by providing the most effective and technologically advanced fire-safety products in combination with excellent customer service and creative solutions.

Check out our website for more information and call us at 978-532-5730 for a free consultation.

Historic Landmark photograph: The Hill-Stead Museum; Farmington CT.