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What is the True Cost of Data Center Downtime?

The demands of a 24/7 global economy mean that your Mission Critical Data Center cannot afford to be offline. End-to-end reliability and risk management are essential requirements in today’s environment. Given the explosive growth in data storage requirements with cloud access, IoT and big data, minimizing downtime is more critical than ever. Latest studies highlight more than a 35% increase in costs incurred during an unplanned data center outage. An unplanned event, even a short-lived one, can have significant financial impact to your organization.

Average Cost of Downtime per Minute = $8,851

Average Cost of Unplanned Outage = $740,357

Tangible costs include:
•Lost Revenue
•Damage to Equipment & Assets
•Containment & Recovery Costs
•Third-Party Costs Necessary to Resolve the Outage
•Damage to Mission-Critical Data

Intangible, indirect and other costs can be even higher:
•Business Disruption
•Productivity Loss
•Financial Performance
•Damage to Reputation
•Lost Confidence & Trust

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Sources: Poneman Institute Research & Mission Critical Magazine/January 2016