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What is Water Mist Fire Protection?

Traditional sprinkler systems work. They control fire and save lives, but the damage left behind by traditional sprinklers in the aftermath of a fire is a secondary consideration. The primary concern is that the fire is out. The deep soaking and widespread water damage to your facility and its assets could be devastating.

Water Mist Systems were originally developed for marine and offshore applications, but in the last twenty years the product approvals have expanded to include a wide range of land-based hazards. Water mist systems are now used extensively in power generation facilities, heritage sites, commercial food production environments and data centers. In many cases, water mist replaces antiquated fire protection technologies that cannot offer a comparable level protection. Its adaptability and expandability provides long-term solutions to difficult and varying fire protection challenges.

High pressure water mist systems are developed to deliver very small quantities of water at high pressures through specially designed nozzles, which creates micro-droplets to fight fire. For example, for every traditional fire sprinkler droplet – up to 8,000 water mist droplets will discharge. The high density of small droplets yields a 400x larger surface area that results in rapid fire suppression and extinguishment. The substantial water mist surface area cools down the fire hazard through rapid vaporization, displaces oxygen at the fuel source and absorbs radiant heat to prevent fire spread. High pressure water mist maximizes water efficiency and minimizes business disruption due to fire or related water damage. In fact, some systems use up to 90% less water than the average sprinkler system minimizing collateral damage to the building and its priceless contents.

The team at Advanced Safety Systems Inc. is one of the largest Marioff HI-FOG Water Mist Distributors in North America, and has the water mist and fire protection expertise you need. Marioff’s HI-FOG Water Mist Fire Protection System is the world leader in water mist technology. We have completed numerous, successful HI-FOG installations protecting irreplaceable assets and processes in the Industrial Cooking, Power Generation, and Cultural/Heritage vertical markets.

Advanced Safety Systems’ certified experts deliver award winning service to solve the specific fire protection challenges faced in your facility. We ensure constant and total protection of your valuable assets for future generations by providing the most effective and technologically advanced fire-safety products in combination with excellent customer service and creative solutions.

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