Water Mist

photo of a Marioff Water Mist Fire Suppression System

Marioff HI-FOG® Water Mist Fire Suppression Demonstration

High-pressure water mist systems use up to 90% less water than traditional sprinkler systems, while offering superior performance and minimal collateral damage. We have partnered with Marioff Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of water mist fire protection systems, to offer HI-FOG®, unparalleled in its ability to attack fire and harmless to people and the environment.

Water Mist Product Lines

Photo of a Hi FOG Fire Suppression System



Features & Benefits of HI-FOG Fire Suppression:

  • Immediate activation and rapid cooling
  • Harmless to people and the environment
  • Success in countless tests and real fires
  • Low water usage minimizes damage and ensures minimal business interruptions
  • Ideal for sites lacking municipal services

Marioff HI-FOG® Water Mist Fire Protection

Featured resources

VIDEO: Water Mist Fire System Test

Water mist fire suppression system test. A Marioff hi-fog water mist fire suppression system test at a solvents manufacturing plant.


Press Release: Thomas Jefferson’s home gets Marioff water mist system

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.—A Marioff water mist fire suppression system is now protecting Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s iconic home here. It’s an example of a growing niche market for water mist systems: historic homes and other cultural heritage buildings.


Marriott Aspen Wye River Conference Centers

Aspen Wye River Conference Centers’ unique and spectacular retreat posed considerable challenges for a fire protection system. The solution had to protect guests and minimize water damae to the buildings. “Our buildings are historic and irreplaceable. In my opinion, water does more damage …”