Air Sampling

Air sampling detectors can detect a fire at its earliest stage by actively pulling air into a detection chamber through a piping network that runs from the device to the protection area. Particles that are formed in the early stages of combustion—even before smoke or fire is visible—are detectable through this proactive system.

Common Applications:

  • Telecommunication centers
  • Data centers
  • Clean rooms
  • Server rooms
  • Theaters
  • Warehouses
  • Indoor stadiums
  • Convention Centers

Threats Reported:

  • Smoke
  • Fire

Air Sampling Products:


For decades, the VESDA range of aspirating smoke detectors (ASD) have been recognized as the best in the world. The new VESDA-E range exceeds previous VESDA detectors with many enhanced features, including dramatically increased sensitivity – up to 15 times greater than previous models; flexibility for deployment in a wide variety of applications; multi-port addressability; unparalleled connectivity & expansion options; and, field upgradability. All these features combine to make VESDA-E the best choice for early warning of smoke and fire threats. VESDA-E’s sensitivity, flexibility, reliability, programmability, and expandability provides customers with superior performance and protection, while lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO).


Xtralis is a global leader and pioneer in life safety. We invented VESDA very early warning aspirating smoke detection (ASD), the world’s leading ASD brand. Customers worldwide rely on VESDA when business continuity is imperative, environments are challenging, and time is required to ensure safe and orderly evacuation. VESDA ASD systems also can be equipped with modules to detect hazardous / combustible gases to extend their value beyond smoke detection to include gas detection and environmental monitoring.

Gas Detection Products

VESDA ASD systems are also used with modules to detect hazardous / combustible gases.