Explosion Protection

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photo of an Explosion Protection System
  • Non-explosive operation increases safety, and reduces storage, licensing and transportation concerns
  • Up to five year initiator service life reduces maintenance costs
  • DOT approved, suppressor is shipped fully pressurized, reducing installation time and cost.
  • Meets stringent requirements of NFPA 69
  • Corrosion resistant valve body
  • Supervised, integral OSHA lockout/tag-out provision promotes safe entry into protected vessels
  • Supervisory low pressure switch continuously monitors suppressor nitrogen pressure
  • Innovative field-rechargeable design reduces service time, recharge costs and production downtimes
  • Designed for use in hazardous locations; Class II, Div. 1
  • Charged with food compatible KIDDIEx® – Sodium Bicarbonate dry chemical suppressant
  • ATEX & FM approved