Inert Agents


IG-100  – Pure Nitrogen

IG-100 uses Nitrogen for a clean, safe suppression agent. It reduces the oxygen concentration while leaving enough oxygen to support people in occupied areas. This keeps them safe by providing oxygen, but also by the absence of harmful chemicals.  The system operates by total flooding of the room, ensuring discharge in less than 1 minute with the safety conditions mentioned above.

IG-55 – Mixture of 50% nitrogen and 50% Argon

IG-55 is one of the most popular fire extinguishing systems because of its efficiency in extinguishing fire. It is also safe for occupied spaces leaving safe oxygen levels and requiring no chemicals. The 50-50 mixture of Argon and Nitrogen allows the perfect distribution of the agent in the room for effective extinguishment. The system operates by total flooding of the room, ensuring complete discharge in less than 1 minute.

Common Applications:

  • Archives
  • Educational facilities
  • Data centers
  • Offshore platforms
  • Machinery spaces
  • Generators
  • Power plants
  • Telecommunication centers


  • Safe of occupied spaces
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Zero ozone depletion
  • No greenhouse effect
  • Good post-discharge visibility

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