Fried Food Security: Water Mist and Industrial Fryer Protection

The food industry plays a vital role in the global economy for the distribution of goods and produce. The 24/7 demands of a food/snack production facility cannot afford to incur downtime. The heated ovens and fryers within the facility are a probable cause for fire. Fires within this equipment can lead to production downtime or… Read more

The Million Dollar Question. Is your Data Center protected from Downtime?

The average cost of an unplanned outage is $740,000. Understand the Costs & How You Can Mitigate Risk End-to-end reliability and risk management are essential requirements in today’s data center environment. The demands of a 24/7 global economy mean that your Institutions Data Center cannot afford to be offline. Given the explosive growth in data storage requirements with… Read more

What is Water Mist Fire Protection?

Traditional sprinkler systems work. They control fire and save lives, but the damage left behind by traditional sprinklers in the aftermath of a fire is a secondary consideration. The primary concern is that the fire is out. The deep soaking and widespread water damage to your facility and its assets could be devastating. Water Mist… Read more

photo of a data center with a fire suppression system
3 Steps to Optimal Data Center Fire Protection

Mission Critical Facilities require fire protection systems that can detect and suppress fires immediately without harming people, equipment, the facility or the environment. The demands of a 24/7 global economy mean that your company cannot afford to be offline. A fire, even a minor one, could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. For mission critical… Read more